Saturday, March 28, 2009


There was a time in America when test patterns ( like this one, above ) filled hours of every broadcast day and when television was so new a consumer technology and so expensive a family investment that a whole class of service professionals rapidly grew in communities across the USA, just to support the magic box in the middle of the living room.

The television repair person was technically trained, and often certified by a manufacturer, to maintain home receivers. When called to action by a plaintive client ,the technician would fix the pesky problems that the owner couldn't solve with a twist of the four or five control knobs that were arrayed just below, or along the side of, the massive 19 inch,viewing screen.

With the demand for support overwhelming the number of repair shops in most areas, the television technician quickly emerged as a captain of commerce in any city or town where TV antennas sprouted skyward from the rooftops.

Below is an RCA television commercial celebrating TV repair professionals for their talent,commitment and endless hours of research designed to make sure video viewers could see Milton Berle, Ed Sullivan and Roller Derby in all of their grainy, black and white glory.

The subject of this spot looks like he's working on a cold fusion project at Livermore Labs. Behind it is a commercial for an RCA spring sale. The pricing is astonishing, even by contemporary standards. Enjoy!!!!

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