Tuesday, August 12, 2014


There is no worse circumstance for a King than to suffer exile within the borders of  his own land.

In 1968, show business was abuzz with talk of an Elvis Presley "come-back" special.

The only problem was that he had never gone away.

He was still making gold records, his films still made money and he was a staple in Las Vegas nightclubs, but this sovereign of Rock N' Roll Royalty had been a casualty of conquering hoards:

The British Invasion, spearheaded by some of his biggest acolytes, like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, had dislodged him on the music charts, the radio dial and even at the box office.

His voice was, and is, timeless, but his style of music fell into disfavor, as Teens rocked out to the Mersey Beat and some even deserted him for the Motown Sound.

In 1968, Presley's longtime mentor and manager, Col. Tom Parker made a deal to bring Elvis back to Television, starring in a LIVING COLOR special for NBC-TV,  called ELVIS, that was sponsored by the Singer Sewing Machine Company.

The hour was a concert with some musical vignettes which pre-saged the MTV videos that would come two decades later.

Shot on NBC's cavernous Stage 4 in Burbank, CA, the glossy and fast-paced hour was Produced and Directed by the versatile Steve Binder, who had, four years earlier, brought the hit T.A.M.I. Show to theaters via the Electronovision technology.

Binder had extensive experience in more traditional comedy/variety programming, having just come from three years of Directing CBS-TV's DANNY KAYE SHOW. His producing partner, Bones Howe, supervised the musical mix.Video veteran, Bob Finkel, who oversaw the DINAH SHORE CHEVY SHOW on NBC-TV served as Executive Producer.

There is nothing we can say about Elvis or his incomparable talents that his performance can't say more eloquently or with greater clarity.

This NBC special garnered a huge audience and re-kindled the King's career.

The rest, as it is often said, is Television History.

Here from the JULIAN R. YOU TUBE site is ELVIS. Enjoy!!!!:)