Saturday, October 1, 2011


In what has been exalted as Television's Golden Age of LIVE drama, one weekly program was celebrated as the platinum standard in compelling, dramatic anthology:

WESTINGHOUSE STUDIO ONE on the CBS Television Network.

Airing LIVE, first, from the CBS studios in New York City, and later from CBS Television City in Hollywood, on Monday nights at 10PM Eastern Time, WESTINGHOUSE STUDIO ONE was the proving ground for a generation of electrifying young New York actors,writers, directors and producers.

Established guest stars brought stagecraft and considerable publicity to the award winning hour, which was rich with early television's most opulent production values, thanks to the sponsor support of a high ticket industrial conglomerate.

But, above all, for 10 seasons, from 1948 to 1958, on the Tiffany Network, this program was a crucible in which powerful, enduring stories were forged. WESTINGHOUSE STUDIO ONE brought home the full dimension of theater to television viewers, each week.

One of the series most honored and respected original efforts was playwright Reginald Rose's searing look at the thin line of logic and tolerance which separates a jury of reasonable citizens from becoming a racist lynch mob in 12 ANGRY MEN.

Produced LIVE on Monday September 20, 1954, directed by Franklin J. Schaffner and produced by Felix Jackson, the taut,unadorned drama was the series 7th season opener.The provocative teleplay was shot in a grim, gritty, confining set and showcased film stars Bob Cummings, Franchot Tone and Edward Arnold in lead roles.

The raw and realistic story has resonated with audiences for decades. It was produced as a theatrical film starring Henry Fonda,Lee J. Cobb and E.G. Marshall in 1957.

Cable channel, SHOWTIME,produced a 1997 version that was headlined by Jack Lemmon,George C. Scott and Hume Cronyn.

The video posted was thought to be lost for over 50 years, until it was discovered in a private collectors home in 2003.

Here, from the CANTABRIDIGIAN YOU TUBE site, in one 50 minute, 42 second clip is the entire production of 12 ANGRY MEN from WESTINGHOUSE STUDIO ONE. Enjoy!!!!

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