Saturday, October 29, 2011


America's favorite television father, and Temple University's most illustrious alum, started his show business career as a stand-up comedian, working in bars, nightclubs and jazz joints.

Bill Cosby was more than a monologist.He was, and still is, a master storyteller.

A deft wordsmith weaving daft imagery for an appreciative audience that was convulsed by his every comic concept.

The pride of North Philadelphia, a committed educator,an unrelenting social critic, and a benevolent philanthropist, Dr. William H. Cosby Jr. was,seemingly,born to carry on a tradition as old as fire. The role of village observer. The keeper of a comic chronicle that detailed the absurdity in life, through an ironic filter.

In the mid-1960's, the former Temple athlete was emerging as America's crown price of comedy and an icon of television.

His hit record albums and appearances on almost every comedy,variety or talk show made him a hot property and a household name.

NBC and uber-producer Sheldon Leonard cast him ,with Robert Culp, in the landmark adventure series, I SPY.

In that show, Cosby became the first African-American cast as a lead actor in a network television series.

Emmy awards, untold honors and the incomparableCOSBY SHOW were still in the offing.

Posted below, from the KANEDA83 YOU TUBE site is a December 11, 1965 appearance the Cosby made on ABC-TV's signature variety show, THE HOLLYWOOD PALACE.

It is Bill Cosby in his element.

One man, one microphone and one spotlight, standing center stage, with all the cameras and every eye in the studio focused on the smart, funny, fascinating fellow from Philly, Enjoy!!!!

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