Tuesday, October 11, 2011


For viewers of NBC's, top-rated, Western drama, BONANZA, on a Sunday night in 1964, the most electrifying action sequence may actually have been in a commercial from the show's long-time sponsor, the Chevrolet Division of General Motors.

Clearly , there a backstory to this ground-breaking advertisement.

In the 1950's ,60's and 70's,network television and the automotive industry were dominated by their respective "BIG THREE."

In American living rooms, NBC, CBS AND ABC were the only true options for video viewers seeking the best in comedy, variety ,drama, news,sports and more.

In new car showrooms across the USA, General Motors, Ford and Chrysler were the preference of drivers seeking chrome-clad, high-performance, dream machines.

Those were truly halcyon days for two great,American industries that have confronted hard, economic times in the ensuing decades.

Here is a flashback to an epic commercial introducing the brand new, 1964 Chevrolet Impala, which also revolutionized television advertising. You will see spectacular imagery that was accomplished by a single , helicopter-mounted camera and without the contemporary benefit of computer generated graphics.

The woman you will see perched in the gleaming new convertible is a stunt specialist, who may bears a great similarity to Chevy's smooching spokeswoman of that time, singer Dinah Shore.

On the day after this ad premiered, people across America wanted to know how they captured the vivid and daring images that distinguished this commercial.

From the US AUTO INDUSTRY YOU TUBE site,here is a 2:00 minute commercial that opened new vistas for viewers and new creative options for real-life Mad Men. Enjoy!!!

As a bonus, here . also from the US AUTO INDUSTRY WEB SITE is a 1961 commercial that offers a musical introduction to the new, 1961 Chevrolet car line from the floor of the Detroit auto Show and featuring the effervescent and energetic Dinah Shore. Enjoy!!!

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