Saturday, September 24, 2011


On a late summer night in 1955 , two talented men, who would soon become titans of television, were paired for a short comedy bit on a breezy, CBS-TV comedy show, that would, itself, last only a few more months in prime time on the Tiffany Network.

The host of the short-lived, comedy-variety show(it ran only two seasons) was the future king of of NBC late night, Johnny Carson.

His bigger than life guest star was six foot, seven inch James Arness, whose landmark, adult western, GUNSMOKE, was just two days away from debuting on CBS-TV.

GUNSMOKE , first aired as a CBS radio program, starring William Conrad , who was later the voice of a thousand commercials and who went on to be the falstaffian star of CANNON on CBS, in the lead role.

The hit series made the transition to video on Sept. 10, 1955.

It premiered with an introduction by John Wayne, who turned down the starring role of Marshall Matt Dillon and recommended Arness to CBS scion William Paley.

The anthology, which offered ensemble acting and mature story lines against the rustic canvas of the Old West, would endure as an audience favorite for 20 TV seasons.

THE JOHNNY CARSON SHOW was deemed a critical and ratings failure.

After it was cancelled,Carson took on hosting chores for a struggling ABC-TV game show, called WHO DO YOU TRUST?

It turned out to be the very showcase that brought him to the attention of Peacock Network executives, who recruited the mischievous mid-westerner to replace the controversial Jack Paar. Provocative and emotional,Paar was leaving THE TONIGHT SHOW and moving to a prime-time, NBC-TV variety show.

Carson ascended to become the brightest star in late night television for 30 years.

But, here from the VIDEOTIMEMACHNE YOU TUBE site, is a clip from THE JOHNNY CARSON SHOW, featuring two protean television performers in the formative stages of their careers.Enjoy!!!!!

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