Friday, June 12, 2009


On this day, June 12, 2009 , American broadcasters made the long anticipated technological transition from analog to digital television transmission, facilitating enriched standard definition and enhanced high definition programming.

For media professionals, equipment manufacturers and government regulators, today's digital switch signaled the culmination of years spent planning and preparing, plus hundreds of millions of dollars invested.

For the majority of American viewers, the DTV conversion has offered elevated video fidelity and audio quality. The Digital Switch was not without incident.For many who, after months of invasive publicity and pervasive promotion, were unaware of today's historic media modification, there was stress and static.

The digital age of television is in full effect. One can only wonder what's next, as media futurists ask when 3-D imagery will supplant High Definition television.

I thought it would be fitting and fun, on this day, to remind ourselves of television's nascent steps.

Below is a vintage, 1945 station identification for America's first television station, the RCA/NBC owned, New York flagship, WNBT-TV. At that time, the station, which is now known as WNBC-TV and is seen on channel 4. was telecasting on VHF Channel 1. The announcer you hear is the legendary Ben Grauer, a longtime star of the NBC Radio networks. Enjoy!!!!!

In 1953, after an expensive and vitriolic battle between RCA/NBC and CBS, the Federal Communications Commission approved RCA's compatible system for LIVING COLOR television transmission.

In September of 1957, just before an episode of the long-running, musical variety show,YOUR HIT PARADE, NBC-TV debuted one of American media's most enduring logotypes, the original NBC Peacock.

It was created in 1956 by NBC-TV's, design director John J. Graham., seen above in a photo from THE BIG 13 wesbite.

Below is a clip showing the original NBC Peacock .Again, the voice you'll hear, is the respected, NBC stalwart, Ben Grauer.Enjoy!!!!!

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