Friday, April 3, 2009


Bill Cosby was conquering America. In the early 1960's,the stand-up storyteller who generated honest laughter by holding up a high-buff mirror to our own family lives, was appearing on major television shows,packing fashionable night spots and making vibrant, vinyl,comedy albums that broke sales records in stores, while in heavy rotation on radio.

He was a portrait of a performer in ascent. A smart, new voice in comedy, who offered audiences personal observation instead of pallid punchlines, and was poised for , both, the first wave of fame and sustained success.

It was time to turn his attention to the Great White North: Canada.

In 1963, 27 year old Cosby sat down for an interview with the venerable Canadian Broadcasting Company.

The conversation was wide ranging, mature and focused on everything from the role of racial humor in the American Civil Rights Movement to the young entertainer's almost prophetic vision for the career ahead of him.

Even then it was obvious that Bill Cosby would be a force in show business and an icon in American culture.

Here, posted below,is an excerpt from that long, lost ,television interview. It is a "retro-bite" from CBC-TV's You Tube Site.Enjoy!!!!!

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