Saturday, February 7, 2009


While it feels, to some, like it was a hundred years ago, millions of us have vivid memories of a day which marked a joyous milepost of accomplishment in the American adventure.

July 4, 1976.

The United States celebrated it's 200th birthday and the whole world was invited to the party. Television technology had just come to level where national networks and the best equipped local stations could reach out from coast to coast and capture the celebration, LIVE and in color.

Below is a clip from ABC News coverage of THE GREAT AMERICAN BIRTHDAY PARTY, anchored ,with the wry bemusement that was his trademark, by the late Harry Reasoner, from a red, white and blue studio, dubbed, for the occasion, as the American Broadcasting Company's Bicentennial Center in New York City.

You'll see youthful iterations of some , now familiar faces in broadcast journalism. There are bonus promos for the 1976 Summer Olympics, presented "UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL, THE ABC WAY" and ,also, for the network's impending coverage of the 1976, presidential, nominating conventions, branded as "THE POLITICAL SPIRIT OF '76."

The clips , below, not only offer a laser sharp look at our country's party in progress, but a crystalline insight into the style and substance of network,special events coverage in the 1970's.enjoy!!!!!

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