Tuesday, January 27, 2009


If you were a television obsessed,baby-boomer (like me)there was a special holiday for which you could hardly wait, every fall,in the 1960's.

No,not Halloween.

Nope.It Wasn't Columbus Day.

Besides, a mere 24 hours couldn't contain this autominal celebration.

It was NBC Week! The fall festival of new shows and fresh episodes of returning, favorite series.

Below is a rare copy of the 1965-66, NBC Week, Fall preview, hosted by stand-up comedian Don Adams. This 30 minute presentation reel, targeted to promote the peacock's new schedule to home viewers, affiliate managers, prospective advertisers and network staffers, showcases Adams as the inept, secret agent, Maxwell Smart, for the very first time on network television.

While he had already appeared as the idiot-savant, intelligence agent in the pilot for the fast paced, spy spoof, entitled Get Smart, the series wouldn't premiere on NBC-TV until several weeks after this special was broadcast.

This Fall preview show is a patchwork of promos for several debuting series,held together with a storyline wrapped around Adams/Smart,that was paper thin. You'll also note that than many of the series introduced in this half-hour which went on to long and successful runs, like I SPY , The Dean Martin Show and I Dream of Jeannie.

This program is a real flashback to a time when networks locked a schedule in place for 13 weeks ,invested in institutional, promotion campaigns and lived with the consequences. Enjoy!!!!!

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