Monday, July 1, 2013


"FROM TELEVISION CITY IN HOLLYWOOD..." is one of the most familiar and famous phrases ever spoken on TV.

That simple, declarative statement has been a clarion call for CBS viewers since the Tiffany Network's Los Angeles Broadcast Facility opened its doors ... and the cavernous studios behind them ... in 1952.

One of the most prolific and proficient production centers in the history of the medium, TV City has been home to drama, comedy, sci-fi, music, soap operas, game shows , news , commercials and every other genre in video.

Even though CBS was vanquished by mortal rival NBC in the 1953 battle to set the technical standard in COLOR television, there was a time in the mid-1950's that CBS experimented with tinted TV, using RCA equipment.

At least two stages in the CBS complex at 7800 Beverly Boulevard in L.A's Fairfax section were outfitted with lumbering  RCA TK-41 Cameras and supplemental lighting equipment required for polychromatic  production.

A wide range of shows on the CBS schedule were produced at Television City in , what CBS branded as, FULL COLOR between 1954 and 1958.

In 1959, CBS scion William Paley decided that he would no longer spend his money buying equipment from  his long-time competitor, RCA/NBC's David Sarnoff.

CBS shut down regularly scheduled, COLOR programming until the Fall of 1966, when all three of America's major broadcast networks delivered their prime-time programs in COLOR.

But reflecting on the mid-fifties at CBS, CHRYSLER'S SHOWER OF STARS is a prime example of the CBS COLOR STRATEGY.

A monthly  mix of music, comedy and variety, usually hosted by the incomparable Jack Benny, it alternated with CHRYSLER'S CLIMAX, a series of suspenseful dramas and mysteries.

While both shows were produced LIVE at Television City, SHOWER OF STARS was offered as a CBS COLORCAST,  once a month.

Here from the SCREENSTAGEANDSONG YOU TUBE SITE , is a  warm and wholesome comedy, based on a Broadway hit. Jack Benny does his monthly start turn, with a versatile cast in TIME OUT FOR GINGER.


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