Saturday, November 12, 2011


Before we all tracked trends on Twitter or Facebook, Americans turned to television and radio to find out what tunes were at the top of the charts and top of mind.

Before MTV showcased videos that gave form to the music we love, a LIVE television show produced elaborate musical numbers on expansive sets with innovative imagery to depict the nation's favorite songs.

YOUR HIT PARADE debuted on NBC radio in 1935, moved to NBC television in 1950 and ran successfully on the Peacock Network until it transitioned to CBS-TV for it's final season in 1958-1959.

With the formidable financial support of sponsor Lucky Strike Cigarettes, the full commitment of a powerful network, a versatile cast, an agile production team, and a sense of adventure that took the show LIVE from the confines of vaunted Studio 8H to far-flung, remote locales that included the Rockefeller Center Ice Rink and the Deck of the S.S.United States, the weekly musical revue of the nations most popular music was an enduring,viewer favorite.

For amazing insight into YOUR HIT PARADE,I suggest you get a copy of Andrew Lee Fielding's meticulous profile of the program, entitled THE LUCKY STRIKE PAPERS (check it out at Andrew had a front row seat to the sprawling show, since his late Mother, the multi-talented Sue Bennett, was one of the stars of the effervescent revue.

In all transparency, while Andrew was kind enough to send me a copy of his book, many months ago,I have no financial participation in the book. I am simply a fan.

Here, posted below, from THEFILMARCHIVE YOU TUBE site, is the December 24, 1955 episode of YOUR HIT PARADE. enjoy!!!!

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