Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Time for a sentimental journey of sorts to 1951 and NBC-TV's production of CHESTERFIELD SOUND-OFF TIME. The show was a comic review starring the urbane comedian Fred Allen,who, in a laugh-laced exchange with erudite broadcaster Dave Garroway, promoted a brand new show on NBC that was to premiere in a few weeks on January 14, 1952.

It was called TODAY.

Garroway,an affable, subdued broadcaster from the quirky Chicago school of television, was the first host of the first daily,morning show in network television history.

The two hour wake-up call for television viewers was devised by video visionary Sylvester L . "Pat" Weaver, who lead the nascent NBC network in the early 1950's. While critics , both internal and external, decried Weaver's wild-eyed notion of people watching a television show ( or, at least, listening to it in radio style)during the early morning hours, Weaver saw value and virtue in the concept. Labeled by nay-sayers as "Weaver's Folly," he pushed forward and put TODAY on America's breakfast-time, media menu.

The pioneering Weaver also launched THE TONIGHT SHOW and WIDE WIDE WORLD, which was also hosted by the omnipresent, multi-talented Garroway .

Today will turn 60,next January. Now a four-hour programming block on NBC, with the first 3 hours hosted by Matt Lauer and Ann Curry, it continues to hold a respected place in American pop culture and in the history of American broadcasting.

Here from the MR.JIMMYFINLAYSON YOU TUBE site is a short clip from the comic exchance between two titans of 1950's media.Enjoy!!!!

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