Saturday, July 30, 2011


On August 1, 1981,at 12:01AM EDT, a disenfranchised generation of adolescent rock fans found a vibrant, new voice and a vivid,new vision for celebrating the music they loved, and they found it by punching a button on their parent's cable box.

From the electronic haze,emerged "MTV-MUSIC TELEVISION."

It was the first ,24 hour, television channel ever devoted to airing the kinetic music young people listened to on vinyl, on cassette and on the radio. MTV also to showcased the musical artists to whom this audience was devoted, including some of those controversial performers whose work wasn't always welcome on AM or FM rock stations.

Commissioned by Warner-Amex Satellite Entertainment,and with a format designed by Robert W.Pitman , who became the C.E.O. of the music network,at its launch, MTV featured five Video Jockeys to interact with the audience, as Disc Jockeys did on radio stations. They were Mark Goodman, Alan Hunter, Martha Quinn, J.J. Jackson and Nina Blackwood.

It is almost impossible to chronicle MTV's electrifying history. From ground breaking, global coverage of the LIVE AID Concert in 1985, to embracing HIP Hop on YO!MTV RAPS!,MTV became a herculean force in rock music and youth culture.

It captured the passion and the power of the music. It overcame American television's barriers of tradition and cynicism. MTV went on to conquer the conventions of mass media around the world.

The debut of THE REAL WORLD launched the reality genre in TV,while MTV's various attempts at producing comedy and game shows launched talents like Jon Stewart,Julie Brown and Colin Quinn.

Some shows, like THE JERSEY SHORE, created controversy. Others, like TRL LIVE created careers for young performers like Brittany Spears and Justin Timberlake. MTV UNPLUGGED showed young viewers that innovative music and honest performance by a talented musician are more important than the Hollywood production values and the dramatic narratives that typified music videos.

ROCK THE VOTE is an initiative that has engaged and focused millions of young people to participate in the electoral and democratic processes.

The channel has pretty much abandoned it's mission of being the place you turn to watch music videos, 25/7. Reality shows abound. The sense of rebellion that radiated from the screen in the late 1980's through the 1990's seems to be a bit subdued.

But the 'Moon Man" logo endures,as it should.MTV's place in television history is undeniable. Video didn't kill the radio star,as the Buggles posited in the very first video shown on MTV, but it change they way we all listen to ...and watch ... the music we love.

Posted , below, from the DALEKENBUCK YOU TUBE SITE, Here is the very first ten minutes of MTV's debut, with links to the rest of it's first hour.Enjoy!!!