Sunday, February 13, 2011


In the late 1970's , long before disco dancing gave way to digital downloads, two true signs of autumn in America were the prismatic glory of fall foliage and the high voltage promotional campaigns for the three major television networks.

A nation that actually left work at the office, that could not be reached by phone on the beach and that , somehow , survived with a news cycle that stretched silently from 11pm until the morning newspaper hit the front step at 7am would go on a peaceful summer sojourn to the beach or the lake.

When days grew shorter and school loomed large, the networks sang their siren song of new shows and major stars. Growing prime time audience was the prime objective.

In the 1976-77 television season, ABC-TV, long derided by CBS AND NBC as half a network, had jiggled it's way into first place, thanks to Charlie's Angels, Richie Cunningham, The Fonz, Laverne & Shirley and more.

The network had capitalized on its success in 1977 with the kinetic STILL THE ONE campaign, featuring the bouncy, upbeat, Orleans hit.

The alphabet network would next proudly proclaim WE'RE THE ONE!!!They had everything to gain and everything to loose when they launched this voluble and vibrant promo campaign , posted on the BOBTWCATLANTA YOU TUBE site.Enjoy!!!!!!

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