Thursday, August 26, 2010


Garry Moore was television's quintessential quiet man.Even if his sportcoats were loud.

An affable, courtly video visitor to the homes of the baby boom generation, the Baltimore native, born Garrison Morfit, was known more for the company he kept, rather than showcasing his own talents.

Like Carson, Benny ,Douglas and Griffin, Garry Moore turned the spotlight on his guests and cast, knowing viewers would always recall that THE GARRY MOORE SHOW was really entertaining.

Carol Burnett was a regular on THE GARRY MOORE SHOW , his Tuesday night, variety series.

Major stars of stage, screen, radio, records and TV appeared on his daily,daytime, talk program, which was simulcast on the CBS RADIO NETWORK.

And Moore's hosting chores on the hit quiz show, I'VE GOT A SECRET put him in public proximity of presidents,pundits,actors,athletes and real people.

The comedian's accomplished writing staff included Woody Allen, Neil Simon and Vin Bogert. He was a very funny, versatile, unobtrusive performer who made the best of the material.

Moore was a household name in the 1950's and 1960's and a human profit center for the CBS television network, where his programs generated large audience and major revenues.Like so many of early television's star performers, who worked on LIVE shows, he faded in the public memory because his efforts were not preserved or repeated.

His CBS-TV variety show originally aired LIVE from The Ed Sullivan Theater, now home to LATE SHOW WITH DAVID LETTERMAN. It was subsequently produced on videotape, as his show had to share production facilities with other large-scale,variety efforts starring Jackie Gleason and the aforementioned Ed Sullivan.

On May 29, 1962, the Tiffany Network aired the 32nd episode of the series 4th season.Moore ended that series, each week, with a nostalgic, musical segment called THAT WONDERFUL YEAR.

In the clip posted ,below,from THE STREISAND TRIBUTE YOU TUBE site, a vivacious, young Barbara Streisand sings HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE, AGAIN. Enjoy!!!!!

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