Saturday, June 26, 2010


( the First Bullseye Game from a 1972 episode)

The four people called to the stage of THE NEW PRICE IS RIGHT for the September 4th 1972 debut episode, truly were, as avuncular announcer Johnny Olson used to intone, THE FIRST FOUR CONTESTANTS FOR THE NEW PRICE IS RIGHT!!!!!

Watch the vintage clip, posted below,showcasing the CBS daytime debut of THE NEW PRICE IS RIGHT and while it's virtually identical in format, faces and fun, it's not the show you know.

This version is low voltage by comparison to the mega-watt energy viewers have come to expect from the studio audience, the contestants,and the game, itself.

No surprise there, because the hundreds of people assembled in Studio 33 at CBS's sprawling, Television City complex in Hollywood to enjoy the show, had no expectation of what was to come. They could only offer polite applause in anticipation of the program unfolding before their eyes. A huge difference from the high decible, excitement demonstrated by today's audience members.

They knew and liked affable host,Bob Barker, from his years of helming the riotous TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES on NBC-TV and in syndication. They knew the original, more sedate version of THE PRICE IS RIGHT, which had been mounted as a price tag-oriented , panel show, hosted by the genial Bill Cullen on the NBC & ABC Television networks.

The vibrant game show,and media phenomenon, that we know as THE PRICE IS RIGHT would evolve over many years of production, promotion and publicity. The tone of the beloved show is still engaging and enthusiastic , even as viewers observed the transition from the polished professionalism of Bob Barker to the warmth and wit of Drew Carey.

Here from the Antdude YOU TUBE site , is the debut of THE NEW PRICE IS RIGHT STARRING BOB BARKER. Enjoy!!!!!

And as a bonus, from the GSN93 YOU TUBE site, here is Bob Barker's 1956 debut as host of NBC-TV'S TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES. Ralph Edwards, originator of the show, introduces Bob to NBC's daytime audience.Bob replaced previous host, Jack Bailey, who moved on to great success as emcee of ABC-TV's QUEEN FOR A DAY. Bob looked smooth from the start.ENJOY!!!!!

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