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HAWAII FIVE-O was a classic American crime drama and a complex, morality play, all set in a tropical paradise, where the sun and the guns blazed.

The high voltage saga of an elite, crime fighting unit of the Hawaii State Police was a top 20 rated, fan favorite , running on CBS-TV from 1968 until 1980.

Shot on location across the fiftieth state, with interiors filmed in a warehouse that was converted into a sound stage , the show starred the intense and emphatic Jack Lord,as the stoic head of FIVE-O, Steve McGarrett.

He was paired with the affable James McArthur in the supporting role of Danny " Danno" Williams, McGarrett's second in command.

Lord's lacquered hair was impervious to the trade winds that breezed across the islands, but the catch phrase he used when the criminal of the week was captured at the end of so many episodes blew-up, big time:


Today, CBS-TV announced that a contemporary vision of HAWAII FIVE-O was coming to the Tiffany Network, this fall, airing Monday night's at 10PM EDT, with CSI:MIAMI moving to a Sunday ,10pm EDT, time slot.

The previews indicate that the classic, high-octane, DNA of the series that creator/ executive producer Leonard Freeman devised in the late 1960's will be restored , but super-charged with a dose of 21st century, CSI adrenaline.

The updated, FIVE-O team is an elite task force fighting crime and terrorism on the Elysian islands of America's Pacific playground.

refugee,Alex O'Laughlin, is a casually attired McGarrett (2nd from right, above), with OCEAN'S ELEVEN co-star, Scott Caan (wearing a tie)cast as an ironic Danno Williams.Sleek and sylphen Grace Park,from BATTLESTAR GALACTICA,(far right)essays the role of Kono (once a lumbering , Hawaiian Hoss, played by Zulu), as a police siren with martial arts moves. Finding his way from LOST, Daniel Dae Kim (2nd from left)plays Chin Ho Kelly as a scientific slueth who helps FIVE-O crack, complex crime-solving clues.

The show will again be based on the island of Oahu, which the original McGarrett often referred to as " this rock."

There is , as always in television, history to this decison.

CBS-TV invested in an abortive pilot for a revival of the cops in paradise premise for the 1997 Prime Time season. The production team was impressive and included super-producer Stephen J. Cannell.But, the program didn't make the network's Fall schedule.KINESCOPE HD isn't sure that version, which starred Gary Busey, ever aired.

We posted the opening titles for that pilot on our site just a few weeks back. The sequence is an excellent attempt at updating a timeless classic.

We hope the scripts are as solid and engaging as the original show's were during the network run , and surviving through decades in syndication.We also hope that the new production team has the same offbeat sense of casting which used to result in a diverse collection of guest stars,who brought distinctive performances to even standard plot lines. We know the location shooting will sumptuous,all the better for producing the new effort in HD.

But, you know the question you really want answered.

Yes, Morton Steven's original ,pulsating, chart-topping, theme music will be re-orchestrated and re-issued to open and close the updated HAWAII FIVE-O.

It is hard to think of a title sequence that could replace the original vision , executed by the multi-talented director, Reza S. Badiyi. So that sequence is gently updated with a contemporary graphic treatment.

Here , from the CBS YOU TUBE SITE, is a clip with the new title sequence for the 2010version of HAWAII FIVE-O Enjoy!!!!!

Of course - Here , from the BFELTEN YOU TUBE site, is an early 1970's version of the original.Enjoy!!!!!!

Yeah- You need to see the 1997 version, too, from the VIDEOHOLIC90sA YOU TUBE site. Enjoy!!!!!

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