Saturday, January 30, 2010


Tina Fey is one of the most inventive and intelligent voices in contemporary comedy.As the first woman to serve as head writer of SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE and in her current , award winning role as star/executive producer/writer on NBC-tv's kinetic 30ROCK, the Upper Darby, PA native can focus the funny in the most complex social, professional and political situations.

Sardonic and silly,the "show within a show" Fey created,30ROCK, uses absurd characters to find the awful and hilarious truth of life behind the cameras, producing a late night comedy show.

Rachel Dratch, one of her best,comic co-conspirators at SNL and in the early episodes of 30ROCK is a master improviser who crafts characters with nuance that rivals a novelist.Credibility is her comic capital and she spends it carefully, but with hilarious and formidable dividends for the audience.

Before the pair achieved SATURDAY NIGHT STARDOM, they practiced and perfected their craft at the mecca of improvisational comedy, THE SECOND CITY, in Chicago.

In 1999, as the pair was on the threshold of television stardom, and after they had paid their dues on the hallowed mainstage at 1616 N Wells St, they debuted DRATCH&FEY.
It was their two woman, satirical review that won critical acclaim and drew large crowds.

Here, posted below, from the GAGARINA YOU TUBE SITE is a funny and honest piece that showcases the duo's laser-targeted sense of satire, while it follows Fey as a judgemental , opinionated mother , and Dratch as her strident, socially insecure daughter while shopping at the mall. It's called WICKED and it is hilarious.Enjoy!!!!

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  1. Wicked isn't from Dratch & Fey, it's a scene from the Second City Mainstage revue the two of them did before they wrote Dratch & Fey.
    I believe the show was "Citizen Gates", but I'm not certain.
    Here's some info on Dratch & Fey (from UCB website)