Friday, July 3, 2009


In the mid-1950's the suburban exodus was in full force. Across America,families were moving from aging cities to newly minted suburban housing developments.Some were attracted by the lure of affordable,modern homes, convenient commerce at shopping malls and gleaming new schools.Others moved as businesses migrated to sprawling industrial parks and executive complexes.

The Ford Motor Company saw a trend emerging among the tract homes: the need to become a two car family.

In the more traditional, gender roles of Eisenhower-Era America, Dad would pull out of the driveway and head to the office in another suburb or back in the city. Mom was left to take up her lonely command post in the kitchen.After dispatching the children to school, this domestic diva was consigned to revel in the technological joys of new time-saving tools like her electric coffee pot, automatic dishwasher and in-sink, garbage disposal.

Unlike the old neighborhood,now, stores and shops were well beyond walking distance for Mom. Not to mention the need to pick up the kids from extracurricular activities that finished after the school bus had already completed its daily route.Car pooling was created because it would be years before public transit routinely traveled suburban roads.

So, Ford targeted Dad and Mom as potential customers for a new line of modestly priced Victoria sedans and coupes or Ranchwagon station wagons. The spot, posted below, presents an actress in the plaintiff role of a suburban spouse who is all but stranded in split-level, solitary confinement when Dad goes to work.

That is until Ford had a better idea: THE TWO FORD FAMILY.

How do you qualify? Just buy a new Ford. Enjoy!!!!!

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