Sunday, December 28, 2008

KINESCOPE HD - A New Home for Vintage Video Content

Welcome to KINESCOPE HD, my blog dedicated to celebrating, preserving and recognizing the best, the worst and the most interesting content television has to offer.

There's nothing controversial, here. It's not an online arena for acrid rhetoric or partisan debate over the perceived messages or presumed bias behind television.

No smoking guns. No hidden agenda.

That said , this is also not an austere, clinical museum of broadcast history.

Just consider this the digital and dynamic equivalent of a curio shop at the beach. A place in which you leisurely browse to enjoy the salient and silly moments displayed over the last six decades on your home TV screen.

No pressure. Nothing to buy, because we have nothing to sell.

Post your reactions to the clips we display and share your television memories.

We will also , occasionally, include vintage radio and film content, if it's fun.

This will be,largely, family friendly content. You have a voice in this site, but, please keep it clean and on point.

So, enjoy the video, as it flails through the fiberoptics :)

Yours in TV,

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